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Official 2018 Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Bat Rules

New Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Bat Rules

Below is an important update regarding the upcoming Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken bat rule changes which become effective on January 1, 2018.  


General Information:

The full set of new bat rules can be found on the Babe Ruth Baseball website at the following link: https://baberuthleague.org/bat-rules.aspx

The rule changes as applied to WYBSL are as follows:

  • Small diamond baseball (Tee Ball - U12) - Any bats that are not stamped compliant with the USA Baseball stamp will be illegal and cannot be used in WYBSL.
  • Softball (Pre softball - 18U) - No change to approved bats. Legal bats in 2017 remain legal in 2018.
  • Big diamond baseball (U13 - 15) - Both the new USA standard and the BBCOR .50 are approved for 2018.

In addition, since some of our rec league members participate in the New England Elite Baseball League (EBL) / Minuteman, the new bat rules as applied to that league are as follows:

  • 8U-13U - Starting January 1st, 2018 all bats will need to have the USA stamp on it. BBCOR bats can be used at these levels too.
  • 14U - Divisions 1, 1A & 2 will now be a BBCOr league. (BBCOr bats do not have the USA stamp on them). All bats must have the BBCOr stamp on it, these bats are all -3.

 Further details regarding the EBL bat rule changes can be found on the EBL website at the following link: http://www.thefarmbpi.com/


WYBSL Bat Replacement

Since WYBSL is a chartered Babe Ruth organization it will adhere to the new bat rules.  While the large majority of our players purchase their own bats, we will discard all league baseball bats and replace them on a limited basis for each division from the Tee Ball through U12 divisions.  Additional bats may be purchased as needed during the season.  Otherwise, parents should feel free to purchase bats meeting the new rules at this time.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation concerning these new and important rules.


by posted 12/20/2017
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